ATTENTION: All healthcare and medical staffing professionals!

1.      Are you tired of finding under-qualified healthcare professionals?

2.      Are you consistency producing talent that is passed over for another agency’s recruit?

3.      Do you want to find and place the finest talent in the healthcare and medical industry?

4.      Do you want your agency’s reputation to be one that produces only the finest talent?

Franklin Strategic Consulting is here to help!

Franklin Strategic is dedicated to helping you find the best talent in the healthcare and medical industry. Your agency will be immediately propelled to the top of the class.


If you are compelled by my message so far, think for a moment and ask if yourself:

1. Do you want to find the best healthcare talent and impress your clients?

We only want to work with agencies and hiring professionals who are interested in providing healthcare talent to their clients.  Franklin Strategic is a supporter of great quality healthcare and we will only partner with those who practice this winning attitude

2. Do you want to spend less time, searching through countless candidates and tending to other things?

Time is the most valuable asset we have that we cannot get back. Why spend it sifting through mountains of resumes and answering countless emails from under-qualified candidates? Let my experts help you handle this task and free you up to do things you need or want to do.

3. Do you want to establish your agency or healthcare facility as the standard in healthcare providers?

Finding well established talent is not easy, yet it is vital to the success of any healthcare provider or agency. Let Franklin Strategic help you and do the hard work for you, finding the talent that sets you apart.

Does this sound like you?

Yes? Then let’s schedule a call and see how Franklin Strategic can help you. Together we will determine if our partnership is the right fit.

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