How can Franklin work for you?



Picture this. You're stadium room full of 1000 people who represent your entire market. Out of everyone in that stadium there are  only 30 people who are actually ready to buy what you sell.

Could you identify who these people are? Could you tell not only who would buy from you but who would buy now, in a month, in a year, or even never?

This is the big log jam with digital marketing, you are targeting the most qualified buyers along with those who aren't even in the market. Everyone is looped in one big bubble.

BUT - what if you could only market yourself to the 30 people in that stadium who are ready to buy from someone like you? They just don't know it yet.

If you had this advantage, you'd be able to show them more ads than your competitor. Because remember you are only marketing to them, they would be marketing to everyone else! This make you top of mind, and first in line should they decide to pull the trigger.

Our proprietary technology gives us this advantage. We can identify internet behavior. We can determine who is "in you market" and market only to them. We can do this  on any channel online.

This technology paired with our digital marketing expertise gives my agency a head and shoulders advantage over my competition. Now because of this I have a strict one client per area policy. If you want to discuss deploying this for your business, let's connect.

◇We will deploy specific strategies to connect with prospects organically (via social media and lead capture via landing page) or consumer data.

◇It is a priority to only spend marketing efforts on the segment of the audience who has shown interests online through activity, information shared, and even browsing history.

How do we do it?

Franklin Strategic has extensive experience with the following, but is not limited to:

Search Engine Marketing (Google AdWords)


Email Marketing

Web Development

Social Media Marketing (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.)

In-Bound Marketing

Lead Generation

Content Marketing

Media Buying

Predictive Analytics

Creative Resources

Video Marketing

Story Marketing

These are just an example of the vast array of utilities at our disposal that allow us to engage in "audience engineering."